b'When Anxiety StrikesHelp and Hope for Managing Your StormJason Hobbs and Dena HobbsManage or prevent anxiety usingfaith-based methodsF ear not. Do not be afraid. Peace be with you. Phrases like these appear in the Bible more often than almost any other proclamation. We long to follow these commands. Yet for many, something inside us is wary, ready for anything and everything to go wrong. In fact, a quarter of Americans struggle with anxiety disordersand Christians are not immune.Jason and Dena Hobbs are familiar with this struggle, profes-sionally and personallyJason as a clinician, Dena as someone with anxiety, and both as pastors of congregations full of anxious people. They also know the shame and confusion that so often accompanythesedisorders,especiallyforpeoplewhothink their faith should be strong enough to overcome these struggles. With their deep understanding, theyve written When Anxiety Strikes, an eight-week guide to managing anxiety, grounded in both Scripture and research.Structuredfordailyreading,withintegratedpracticesfor everydaylife,thebookaddressesseventhemes:breath,body, movement, mind, change, spirit, and community. Concise stories, readings,questions,andactivitiesguidereaderstotacklethe realities of living with anxiety. When Anxiety Strikes offers real solutions to find shelter when the storm of fear looms.Jason B. Hobbs (MDiv, LCSW) has been in private mental health practice for fifteen years, assisting people through their journey with anxiety every day. Jason teaches widely on mindfulness, anxiety, and the intersection of religion and mental health, and recently trained as a spiritual director at the Shalem Institute. Jason has also written Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls.Dena Douglas Hobbs (MDiv) has been learning to tame her own panic and anxiety for decades. She shares her expertise by leading retreats, speaking, and blogging at denadouglashobbs.com. Dena is now the Episcopal and Lutheran campus minister at Mercer University. Her previous work includes Lightenthe Darkness. Dena and Jason currently live in Middle Georgia.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Offers ways to reconcile anxiety with faith 978-0-8254-4664-1$18.99 Unique day-to-day structure Paperback5.5 x 8.5224 pagesSELF-HELP / Anxieties & Phobias For personal use, and easily adapted forKregel PublicationsRights: Worldtherapy or small-group use September 29, 2020Broken Minds LifeCare ISBN 978-0-8254-4664-1978-0-8254-2118-1$16.99 978-1-910012-61-1$15.999 780825 446641www.kregel.com 15'