b'Handbook of EvangelicalMatching Pastoral Candidates Theology and ChurchesA Historical, Biblical, and ContemporaryA Guide for Search CommitteesSurvey and Review and CandidatesRobert P. Lightner Joseph UmidiForeword by J. Scott HorrellMATCHINGPASTORALCANDIDATESANDHANDBOOK OFCHURCHESEVANGELICALA Guide for Search CommitteesTHEOLOGY and CandidatesA Historical, Biblical, and Contemporary Survey and ReviewROBERT P. LIGHTNERFOREWORD BY J. SCOTT HORRELL Joseph UmidiA clear, concise presentation of dispensational theology A guide to both sides of the candidate processC overingninemajordoctrinesoftheChristianfaith,W ith humor and insight born of experience, Joseph Umidi Dr. Lightner provides a historical perspective on each topic, ahelps candidates approach a selection process by clarifying positive statement of the areas of agreement among evangelicals,their personal vision for ministry, connecting heart to heart with and a discussion of the different positions held by evangelicaldecision makers, and asking the right people the right questions. Christians. Practical suggestions and study questions for applyingSearch committee members will find guidance in analyzing a the doctrine to daily Christian life are also included at the end ofchurchs readiness for change, determining what is most needed, each chapter. and evaluating a candidates strength in meeting those needs. No other treatment of theology in the present era doesEleven appendices provide key model documents that will help exactly what Lightner accomplishes in the comparison andthe decision-making process.analysis of theological differences. . His work is always doneJoseph Umidi (DMin, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is evenhandedly, with an irenic spirit and remarkable comprehen- executive vice president at Regent University School of Divinity siveness. Bibliotheca Sacra in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Over the past twenty-five years, he Robert P. Lightner (19312018) (ThD, Dallas Theological Sem- has enjoyed several pastorates and church-planting seasons. He inary;MLA,SouthernMethodistUniversity)wasprofessorofcontinually equips and matches emerging leaders through intern-systematic theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. ships and as a consultant to a variety of churches and ministry J. Scott Horrellis professor of theology at Dallas Theologicalorganizations.Seminary, where he has taught courses in biblical studies and the-ology for thirty years.HANDBOOK OF EVANGELICAL THEOLOGYMATCHING PASTORAL CANDIDATES AND CHURCHES978-0-8254-3710-6$23.99 ISBN 978-0-8254-3710-6 978-0-8254-4680-1$17.99 ISBN 978-0-8254-4680-1Paperback5.5 x 8.5312 pages Paperback5.5 x 8.5160 pagesChristian Theology / General Christian Ministry / Pastoral ResourcesKregel ClassicsRights: World 9 780825 437106 Kregel MinistryRights: World 9 780825 446801Available October 27, 202026 www.kregel.com'