b'The Training of the TwelveTimeless Principles for Leadership DevelopmentA. B. Bruce; foreword by D. Stuart Briscoe200,000 copies in print! F or over one hundred years, The Training of the Twelve has been highly regarded and widely received. A. B. Bruces work continues to speak powerfully and effectively to the contemporary Christian generation. The methods that Jesus used to prepare his disciples are an inspiring model for training and equipping leaders and laypeople for service. Dr. Bruce emphasizes that church is not a place where people go but something that people are, and understanding and utilizing ones gifts and talents enrich both the body and the believer. This classic continues to be must reading for every Christian. Bibliotheca SacraOne of the finest biblical approaches and the best teachingI know of [in the method] employed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Ted EngstromThe preeminent work on the association of Christ withHis disciples. Wilbur M. Smith[Bruce] marked my thoughts greatly in the whole areaof discipleship. Howard HendricksA. B. Bruce (19311899) is recognized as one of the most dis-tinguished biblical scholars of his time. He served as a minister from 1859 to 1875 and was a popular lecturer on both sides of the Atlantic. He was appointed as professor of theology, apologet-ics, and New Testament exegesis in the Free Church College in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1876.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Widely recognized classic on the teaching978-0-8254-4679-5$26.99methods of Jesus Paperback5.5 x 8.5570 pages Used extensively in training local churchChristian Living / Leadership & leaders and teachers MentoringKregel ClassicsRights: World A consistent and long time best seller AvailableThe Mentoring Church Your Jesus is Too Safe ISBN 978-0-8254-4679-5978-0-8254-4464-7$18.99 978-0-8254-4442-5$16.999 780825 446795www.kregel.com 27'