b'CHECK YOUR IN V EN TORY ON T HE SE CHARMING AND POPUL AR CHILDR ENS T I T LE SKregel Publications is a leading and trusted publisher of biblically based and engaging Christian childrens books and activities with nearly 500 active childrens titles to choose from!Select from the titles showcased here or ask your Noble rep or Kregel customer service rep for a complete list.BONUSWhen you purchase ANY of our outstanding childrens titles, you can combine them with your order of new titles presented in this catalog and any additional backlist titles to receive up to 52% discount, FREE freight, and up to 90-days extended terms. For details, see page 30 in this catalog.CHILDRENS BIBLES AND REFERENCESMy Key Verse Bible978-0-8254-4582-812.99My God Loves Me Bible978-0-8254-4632-012.99Candle Bible Handbook978-1-85985-586-717.99Big God, Little Me978-0-8254-4595-817.99Candle Bible for Toddlers978-1-78128-202-124.99Babys Little Bible (Blue)978-0-8254-4662-79.99Babys Little Bible (Pink)978-0-8254-4661-09.99My Very First Bible978-0-8254-5559-94.99Candle Bible for Kids978-0-8254-5557-516.99My Very Own Bible978-1-85985-876-97.99My Little Blessings Bible978-1-78128-193-214.9932 All titles are subject to price increases or may be discontinued without notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. www.kregel.com'