b'Invitation to Christian EthicsMoral Reasoning and Contemporary IssuesKen MagnusonINVITATION TO THEOLOGICAL STUDIES A comprehensive introduction to Christian ethics addressing todays most challenging moral issuesI nvitation to Christian Ethics is an indispensable guide for helping pastors, counselors, and everyday Christians navigatetodaysdifficultmoralquestions.Readerswill benefitfromKenMagnusonssurveyofethicsfroma biblicalperspectiveaswellascontemporarytheoriesof moral reasoning. This survey is followed by twelve chapters devoted to some of complex and important issues Christians encounter today, such as:Sexuality, including homosexuality, sexual identity, and genderMarriage and divorceInfertility and assisted reproductive technologiesAbortionPhysician-assisted suicideRace relationsCreation careCapital punishmentJust war, pacifism, and the use of lethal forceMagnuson provides biblical insight into each topic and presents key moral considerations. He also answers spe-cific, practical questions that arise and concludes with a summaryofhisrecommendedapproachtoeachissue. Readers will learn how to grapple with difficult moral ques-tions and will receive guidance for some of lifes most chal-lenging ethical conundrums.KenMagnusonisprofessorofChristianethicsatThe SouthernBaptistTheologicalSeminaryinLouisville, Kentucky.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS A one-of-a-kind biblical survey and978-0-8254-3445-7$47.99exploration of current moral reasoning Hardback7.5 x 9.25672 pages Uniquely integrates authoritative theoryChristian Theology / Ethicswith analysis of todays most challeng- Kregel AcademicRights: Worlding moral issues September 29, 2020 Wide applicability for pastors, counsel-From the Garden toShould Christians Beors, students, and concerned ChristiansISBN 978-0-8254-3445-7the City Environmentalists? at all levels978-0-8254-2668-1$15.99 978-0-8254-4249-0$15.999 780825 434457www.kregel.com 19'