b'Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis Handbooks for New Testament ExegesisSix-Volume Set Four-Volume SetDavid M. Howard Jr., series editor John D. Harvey, series editorANewTestamentExegesisseriesprovidesreaderswith valuable reference tool for students and pastors, the Handbooks for T he Old Testament displays a remarkable literary and theologicalan enhanced understanding of different New Testament genres unitythroughavarietyofgenres.Butapplyingasingle,and strategies for interpretation, following in the footsteps of the one-size-fits-allmethodofexegesiscanleadtoconfusionandwell-received Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis series. All misunderstanding. A valuable reference for students and pastors,books in the series are written by accomplished teacher-scholars at the Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis series provides readersleading evangelical schools. They are essential resources for anyone with an enhanced understanding of different Old Testament genresteaching and preaching these foundational books.and strategies for interpretation. This set includes Interpreting the Gospels and Acts by David ThissetincludesInterpretingApocalypticLiteraturebyL. Turner, Interpreting the Pauline Letters by John D. Harvey, Richard A. Taylor, Interpreting the Historical Books by RobertInterpreting the General Letters by Herbert W. Bateman IV, and B. Chisholm Jr., Interpreting the Pentateuch by Peter T. Vogt,Interpreting Revelation and Other Apocalyptic Literature by InterpretingthePsalmsbyMark.D.Futato,InterpretingtheC. Marvin Pate. Prophetic Books by Gary V. Smith, and Interpreting the WisdomJohn D. Harvey (ThD, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto) is Books by Edward M. Curtis.dean and professor of New Testament at Columbia International David M. Howard Jr. (PhD, University of Michigan) is retiredUniversity Seminary and School of Ministry in Columbia, South dean of the Center for Biblical and Theological Foundations andCarolina. He is an ordained teaching elder in the Presbyterian professor of Old Testament at Bethel Seminary. He has publishedChurch in America and is actively involved in pulpit supply. He has five books and numerous journal articles, book chapters, and essays. served cross-culturally in Europe and Africa.HANDBOOKS FOR OLD TESTAMENT EXEGESISHANDBOOKS FOR NEW TESTAMENT EXEGESIS978-0-8254-4623-8$109.99 SET ISBN 978-0-8254-4623-8 978-0-8254-3463-1$99.99 SET ISBN 978-0-8254-3463-1Paperback6 x 91336 pages Paperback6 x 91144 pagesBiblical Studies / Old Testament / General Biblical Studies / New Testament / GeneralKregel AcademicRights: World 9 780825 446238 Kregel AcademicRights: World 9 780825 434631Available Availablewww.kregel.com 21'