b'CHILDR ENS CHR IS T IAN FIC T IONAndrea Carter and the Family Andi Dreams of Gold Secret978-0-8254-4434-0$7.99 978-0-8254-4502-6$8.99Andi Far from Home Andrea Carter and the Long 978-0-8254-4435-7$7.99 Ride HomeAndi Lassos Trouble 978-0-8254-4500-2$8.99978-0-8254-4432-6$7.99 Andrea Carter and the Price of Andi Saddles Up Truth978-0-8254-4430-2$7.99 978-0-8254-4505-7$8.99Andi to the Rescue Andrea Carter and the San 978-0-8254-4433-3$7.99 Francisco SmugglersAndi Under the Big Top 978-0-8254-4503-3$8.99978-0-8254-4431-9$7.99 Andrea Carter and the Trouble Andis Circle C Christmas with Treasure978-0-8254-4187-5$5.99 978-0-8254-4504-0$8.99Andis Fair Surprise Andrea Carters Tales from the 978-0-8254-4184-4$5.99 Circle C RanchAndis Indian Summer 978-0-8254-4379-4$7.99978-0-8254-4182-0$5.99 Badge of HonorAndis Lonely Little Foal 978-0-8254-4294-0$7.99978-0-8254-4185-1$5.99 Canyon of DangerAndis Pony Trouble 978-0-8254-4296-4$7.99978-0-8254-4181-3$5.99 River of PerilAndis Scary School Days 978-0-8254-4297-1$7.99978-0-8254-4183-7$5.99 Tunnel of GoldAndrea Carter and the978-0-8254-4295-7$7.99Dangerous Decision The Light Across the River978-0-8254-4501-9$8.99 978-0-8254-3574-4$10.99www.kregel.com All titles are subject to price increases or may be discontinued without notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. 35'