• Father, Forgive

    Father, Forgive
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    Edition: May 15, 2013

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    Publication date: May 15, 2013

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    Father, Forgive

    Reflections on Peacemaking

    The Vicar of Baghdad shares what he has learned about peacemaking

    Canon Andrew White is a peacemaker who has saved hundreds of individuals and communities through reconciliation. Before he left to serve in Baghdad in 2005, Andrew was director of the International Centre for Reconciliation in Coventry, England—the center of a network of over 250 "Cross of Nails" centers, which serve the cause of reconciliation around the world.

    Father Forgive is structured around the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation, which was written following the bombing of Coventry's medieval cathedral during World War II. The litany's main theme, which is inscribed behind the altar of the ruined building, is "Father Forgive." Accompanying the litany are reflections written from Andrew's experience.

    Appropriate for personal reflection or as a tool to launch a strategic prayer initiative for reconciliation around the world, Father Forgive is packed with unique insights and profound personal experience.

    Author: Andrew White
    Canon Andrew White, the vicar of St George's Church in Baghdad, has extensive experience of conflict mediation in Iraq and the wider Middle East. President and CEO of the Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East, launched in 2005, he has written extensively about conflict resolution and has been involved in many hostage negotiations.