• The Qur'an and the Christian

    The Qur'an and the Christian
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    Edition: April 26, 2022

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    Publication date: April 26, 2022

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    The Qur'an and the Christian

    An In-Depth Look at Islam for Followers of Jesus

    Understanding Islam's sacred text is integral to understanding your Muslim neighbor

    Cross-cultural missionary and scholar Matthew Aaron Bennett blends the insights of Islamic believers, secular Qur'an scholars, and missionaries to Muslims, making The Qur'an and the Christian like no other resource for Christian ministry to Muslims. Combining these perspectives in one guide better equips Christians to communicate the biblical gospel to friends and neighbors who are adherents to Islam--both in and out of majority-Muslim cultures.

    The Qur'an and the Christian addresses issues both simple and profound, such as:
    • How the Qur'an came to be, including Muhammed and the Qur'an's textual precursors
    • The major themes of the Qur'an and how these shape the practice of Islam
    • The presence of Bible characters, Jews, and Christians in the Qur'anic text
    • Whether and how a Christian should read the Qur'an
    • Avoiding miscommunication with Muslims when the Qur'an and Christian teaching seem to overlap

    This book will help Christians learn how to explore Islamic faith with missiological wisdom and biblical precision. The Qur'an and the Christian will give believers the insight to deepen friendships, promote understanding, and clarify the biblical gospel among Muslim friends and neighbors.
    Author: Matthew Bennett
    Matthew Aaron Bennett (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Assistant Professor of Missions and Theology at Cedarville University. He has over seven years of intercultural ministry experience, including leadership and teaching in majority Muslim contexts.