• Romance Rustlers and Thunderbird Thieves
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    ISBN: 9780825424960

    Pages: 272

    Publication date: 1-24-2003

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    Romance Rustlers and Thunderbird Thieves

    A Ruby Taylor Mystery

    Ruby Taylor is a fiery redhead with an attitude to match. Somehow her mom, a quirky ex-con-turned-Christian, coerces her into helping two women "wronged in love"—Maryanne (who is packing a loaded gun in search of her husband who walked out on her and stole her classic T-Bird) and Laura (whose "good-boy" fiance mysteriously disappeared two weeks before their wedding day). As she helps these two very different women, she must confront the anger over her own past and her deep-seated bitterness toward God. She uncovers a kidnapping and is thrown into a harrowing adventure with helicopters, flying buffalo, and a horse chase thrown in for good measure.