• Legacy Road

    Legacy Road
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    Edition: March 12, 2012

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    Publication date: March 12, 2012

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    Legacy Road

    A Novel

    The highly-anticipated sequel to Hero's Tribute

    Wes Watkins's journalism career took off when he was asked to eulogize Michael Gavin, a stranger to Wes but a hometown hero to the humble folks of Talking Creek, Georgia. While researching Gavin's life, Wes was confronted with an estranged relationship of his own that he wasn't prepared to address, having ignored for years the occasional letters from his imprisoned father. Wes has chosen to focus instead on his growing career and his budding relationship with Emmy. His life is looking up . . . until his marriage proposal to Emmy goes south.

    Left to wonder if he can reconcile with Emmy before she is deployed to Afghanistan, Wes can no longer avoid the other
    reconciliation that troubles him. But when Wes uncovers a painful truth about his parents' past, patching things up with
    his father may prove impossible. Wes's life is close to spiraling out of control. Will Wes learn to forgive? Or will the best year of his life turn into the worst?

    Set against the haunting backdrop of several Civil War battlefields, Legacy Road is a grace-full exploration of hidden
    secrets--and what happens when they are revealed. Through the ups and downs of human relationships, of family ties
    lost and found, southern fiction fans will ponder the age-old question: How do you forgive others--and release yourself--from a past that threatens to destroy you?
    Author: Graham Garrison
    Graham Garrison is the author of Hero's Tribute and Legacy Road. He has published articles in six newspapers and eight magazines,including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, America's Civil War, Georgia Physician, and Boating World.