• A Trail of Crumbs

    A Trail of Crumbs
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    ISBN: 9780825444463

    Edition: March 27, 2017

    Pages: 320

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    Publication date: March 27, 2017

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

    Category: Fiction

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    A Trail of Crumbs

    A Novel of the Great Depression

    Book #2

    Don't miss the moving second book of the Pearl Spence Novels!

    "I believed it would have been a sin to stay inside when God had sent us such fine weather. According to Pastor Ezra Anderson, sin was the reason we'd got in the dusty mess we were in. The way I saw it, that day was God's way of letting us know He wasn't mad at us anymore. Just maybe He'd seen fit to forgive us."

    Pearl Spence has been through more in her young life than most folks could handle. But through it all, her family has been by her side. They may not be perfect, but they love her and they all love each other, come what may. That's one thing Pearl no longer questions.

    But the end of her beautiful day signals the beginning of the end of her secure life.

    Now her family is fleeing their Oklahoma wasteland. Pearl isn't sure she'll ever see home or happiness again. Are there any crumbs powerful enough to guide her back to the dependable life she once knew?

    The strong narrative voice of Finkbeiner's young protagonist from A Cup of Dust returns in this gritty yet hopeful sequel, sure to please her many fans.

    Author: Susie Finkbeiner
    Susie Finkbeiner is the author of The All-American and All Manner of Things which were both selected as Michigan Notable Books. Her other novels include Stories That Bind Us, The Nature of Small Birds, and the Pearl Spence series. Susie and her husband live in West Michigan with their three children.