• Sexual Intimacy in Marriage 3ª edición
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    ISBN: 9780825424373

    Pages: 344

    Publication date: 5-15-2007

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

    “Has greatly benefited our own family and marriage relationship. . . . Marvelously blends the glory of sex with the reality of life.”

    —Dr. Tony & Lois Evans

    “This book provides knowledge on one of the most important yet least talked about aspects of marriage. It is practical and biblical.”

    —Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

    “Very much needed, realistic, and Christ-honoring.”

    —Dr. Howard Hendricks

    “Knowing how often married couples are facing challenges in their sexual relationship, I’m thankful to have a book I can recommend that will help them understand this good gift from God in all its dimensions. . . Every married couple can benefit from reading this book.”

    —Bob Lepine
    Cohost, FamilyLife Today

    “This book is essential for anyone interested in cultivating the beauty of sexual expression within marriage.”

    Bibliotheca Sacra

    Sexual Intimacy in Marriage . . . gives energy to travelers journeying into romance. . . . Full of challenges, surprises, and sound biblical principles.”

    CBA Marketplace

    “Scientifically accurate, biblically based, intensely practical, and written with a large dose of humor.”

    —David Stevens
    President, Christian Medical & Dental Association

    “Cutrer and Glahn . . . cut through the fog of partial truths to help newlyweds, soon-to-weds, or couples who have been married for years.”

    The Dalls/Fort Worth Heritage

    William Cutrer, M.D., (“Dr. Bill”) is a recognized expert in reproductive technology and medical ethics. A licensed obstetrician/gynecologist who specialized in the treatment of infertility for more than fifteen years, he also holds a graduate degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and is an ordained minister. Currently he is the Gheens Professor of Christian Ministry at The Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He and his wife, Jane, have been married for thirty-four years and have three children and five grandchildren.

    Sandra Glahn, Th.M., is an adjunct professor at Dallas Seminary, where she edits the award-winning magazine Kindred Spirit. She is the author of the Coffee Cup Bible Studies series for women and the coauthor of seven books about marriage and reproductive issues. Sandra also serves on the board of the Evangelical Press Association and the women’s executive committee for Bible.org. She and her husband, Gary, have been married for twenty-eight years and have one daughter. They make their home in Dallas, Texas.