• Transformed

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    Edition: April 25, 2017

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    Publication date: April 25, 2017

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    Challenging Myths About the Power-Filled Life

    How do we address, deal with, and encounter hardship? How do we embrace the kingdom message involving redemption and restoration, but also help people feel safe to be honest? How do we remove the stigma surrounding broken areas--areas where people aren't healed--and address suffering?

    Transformed takes Romans 12:1-8 as its central text and each chapter begins with a verse. The theme of the book is change. True change doesn't come about from a quick fix, which in charismatic circles is generally through the laying on of hands; it takes sacrifice, sweat, and suffering. This is the key to morality, integrity, and longevity in the Christian faith.

    Author: Christy Wimber
    Christy Wimber has been part of the Vineyard Movement since it began. She is an author, speaker, and television host. For twenty-two years Christy has traveled around the world, teaching on the kingdom of God. She has appeared on 700 Club Interactive,/i> and the Spiritual Gifts webcast. She and Sean have been married more than twenty years and have two children. They live in Yorba Linda, California.