• Potholes and Belly-flops

    Potholes and Belly-flops
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    ISBN: 9780955913587

    Pages: 209

    Publication date: November 30, -0001

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Instant Apostle

    Category: Biography

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    Potholes and Belly-flops

    Page 3 Model's Journey from Drug Addiction and Promiscuity to Daughter of God

    "Former page three model tells her remarkable story of transformation and rescue from a life tainted by broken relationships and Class A drugs.

    Page three model, promiscuous heroin addict. Loving mother, faithful wife, daughter of God. Two lives. One woman. One God. Susie was a public success, her often airbrushed images gracing billboards and magazine covers the world over. But she was a private failure, addicted to Class A drugs and a serial adulteress jumping from one broken relationship to another.

    Then God... A life transformed; a loving Father nurturing and disciplining a wilful, frightened daughter towards healing and reconciliation. A story of God invading the everyday joys and pains of family life. Once a body exposed to shame and lust. Now a life laid bare to tell of the Father’s love.