• Mother of Malawi

    Mother of Malawi
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    Mother of Malawi

    She Created an Oasis of Love in a Country of Orphans

    Author: Al Gibson
    An inspiring story of one woman's survival and her part in God's work in Africa

    Annie Chikhwaza grew up in Holland. In struggling to come to terms with her abuse as a child, she tried to commit suicide but was dramatically converted through the ministry of Brother Andrew. She then began to minister, first to the poor and marginalized on the streets of Amsterdam and then in the volatile townships of South Africa during the height of the apartheid era.

    After surviving an abusive marriage and the turmoil and humiliation of divorce, she married a poor African pastor and went to Malawi to start an orphanage. Today Annie has nearly two hundred children in her care, many of whom are HIV positive, and she has built a small town called Kondanani ("Love one another"), which boasts a care facility, several children's homes, a nursery school, primary school, and farm. Kondanani is an oasis of love in a country with more than one million orphans. It has attracted the attention of the media around the world and a host of celebrities, including Madonna, who has adopted one of Kondanani's children.

    Annie's story, told here for the first time, shares her many terrible trials: abuse, abortion, a broken back, attempted murder, the loss of everything she had built, attempted rape, and the death of her beloved husband. Her story might have been one of bitterness and anger; instead, Annie uses each trial to point to God's love for her and for every one of His creation.

    Author: Al Gibson
    Born in Zimbabwe in 1962, Al Gibson graduated with a degree in journalism and worked on the Rand Daily Mail before training at the Rhema Bible School. Since 2001 he has lived and worked in Britain with GOD TV as their Central Communications Officer. He and his wife Jeanine have four children.