• Was the Tomb Empty?
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    ISBN: 9780857215284

    Pages: 224

    Publication date: 3-17-2014

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Was the Tomb Empty?

    A Lawyer Weighs the Evidence for the Resurrection

    A lawyer uses stringent legal principles to assess the credibility of Jesus' resurrection

    Was the Tomb Empty? is a careful, critical attempt, by a highly qualified British lawyer and judge, to examine the evidence concerning the resurrection from the dead of Jesus of Nazareth.

    After a review of the basic legal principles involved regarding the use of evidence (What standard of proof is acceptable? Are we dealing with history or myth? What are our preconceptions?), this succinct but powerful document considers the testimony of individuals involved (Paul, James, Peter); the various resurrection accounts, their inconsistencies, and their value as evidence; possible sites for Jesus’ tomb; sources from outside the gospels, such as Josephus, Tacitus and Pliny; logical alternatives to the resurrection; and the opinions of experts in the fields of history, literary history, paleography, and law.

    Could this most improbable story be, at heart, true? What are the implications?