• The Spirit of China

    The Spirit of China
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    Edition: July 11, 2008

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    Publication date: July 11, 2008

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    The Spirit of China

    The Roots of Faith in Twenty-First Century China

    Burnett explores the influences of Buddhism, Confucianism, and the Jesuits; he looks at the Ming Dynasty and the rise of the Manchus; he assesses the motivations behind Mao, Deng Xaio-Ping, and the current communist and commercial regime. Why is an atheistic leadership seeing a widespread religious revival of several faiths? What is the future of religion in China? A wide-ranging introduction to the ideas, beliefs, and conflicting visions that have shaped modern China.
    Dr. David Burnett is academic dean at All Nations Christian College, and Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute. He has served as a missionary in India, and is author of a number of distinguished books including World of the Spirits, The Spirit of Hinduism, and The Spirit of Buddhism.