• Overcoming the World Missions Crisis

    Overcoming the World Missions Crisis
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    Overcoming the World Missions Crisis

    Thinking Strategically to Reach the World

    Driven by the postmodern shift from authoritative truth to relativism, many modern evangelicals have set foot down the slippery slope that may well spell the end for foreign missions activities sometime in the twenty-first century.

    There is indeed a world missions crisis.

    Among the changes in evangelicalism working against world missions are: 

    • seminary training centered on congregational care and counseling at the expense of theology hermeneutics, and doctrinal imperatives

    • baby-boomers more committed to saving their “Christian society” at home than to salvation of individuals worldwide

    • movements of accommodation that set aside the “Christ-alone” doctrine of eternal salvation

    As unthinkable as this situation may sound, the contributors — all recognized experts in missions or theology — make a compelling case for impending disaster if the current course is not changed.

    Far from fatalistic, however, this is a positive call for a return to the biblical model for missions . . . and a very practical guide to the issues of career and short-term missionary service.

    This may well be the watershed book on missions for the next generation.

    Author: Russell L. Penney
    Russell L. Penney (M.A., Th.D.) is a researcher, writer, and missionary teacher in Bolivia, South America, where he serves as the Director of Postgraduate Studies in Hebron Seminary.