• Elemental Theology

    Elemental Theology
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    Edition: April 12, 2022

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    Elemental Theology

    An Introductory Survey of Conservative Doctrine

    Elemental Theology presents the basics of systematic theology in brief, easy-to-follow outline form that will be appreciated by students, teachers, pastors, and laypersons wanting a practical-level introduction to the subject. Bancroft's thorough survey of doctrine includes numerous quotations from well-known biblical commentators and study questions at the end of each chapter for personal or class review. Specific doctrines discussed are:
    • The Doctrine of the Scriptures
    • The Doctrine of Sin
    • The Doctrine of God
    • The Doctrine of Salvation
    • The Doctrine of Jesus
    • The Doctrine of the Church
    • The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
    • The Doctrine of Angels
    • The Doctrine of Man
    • The Doctrine of Last Things

    ". . . it is refreshing to find a volume that sets forth lucidly a biblical theology. Here, the appeal for authority is not to historians, theologians, or the church fathers, but to the Word of God."
    --Paul R. Jackson, D.D.
    Author: Emery H. Bancroft
    Emery H. Bancroft (d. 1944) was professor of Bible Doctrine and Systematic Theology at Baptist Bible Seminary, now in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. He was also the author of the doctrinal study entitled Christian Theology.