• 40 Questions About Pentecostalism

    40 Questions About Pentecostalism
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    Edition: June 18, 2024

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    40 Questions About Pentecostalism

    How to understand the beliefs and practices of Pentecostalism

    At just over a century old, the Pentecostal Movement accounts for over 500 million believers worldwide and continues to grow. Still, confusion abounds over what Pentecostals believe and teach about the Holy Spirit, worship, salvation, healing, and much more.

    In 40 Questions About Pentecostalism, Jonathan Black provides an accessible overview of the historical, theological, biblical, and experiential factors that make Pentecostalism a vibrant and worldwide Christian movement. He answers questions such as these:

    • How did Pentecostalism begin?

    • How are Charismatics different from Pentecostals?

    • Do Pentecostals affirm the prosperity gospel?

    • What is the Pentecostal doctrine of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

    • What do Pentecostals believe about healing?

    • What ministries has Christ placed in his church according to Pentecostal theology?

    • What is "speaking in tongues"?

    As with all the 40 Questions books, the question-and answer format offers readers targeted guidance on the questions that matter most to them, and controversial issues are addressed with robust scholarship and in a spirit of grace.
    Author: Jonathan Black
    Jonathan Black (PhD, University of Chester) is a minister in the Apostolic Church and formerly taught theology at Continental Theological Seminary (Belgium) and Regents Theological College (UK). He also served as codirector of the Institute for Pentecostal Theology. His previous books include Apostolic Theology and The Lord's Supper.