• The Good, the Bad & the Moral Dilemma

    The Good, the Bad & the Moral Dilemma
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    Edition: March 04, 2008

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    The Good, the Bad & the Moral Dilemma

    Author: G. Evans

    The day-to-day challenge to make good and right decisions is part of a much larger struggle that we all face. The Good, the Bad, and the Moral Dilemma examines how the quandary of the moment fits among the big moral issues. Drawing on a range of thinkers from the past, G. R. Evans explores the way practical questions of behavior have been approached through the centuries. This provides modern readers with a frame of reference so they can develop a personal approach to the task of "doing the right thing."

    Author: G. Evans
    G. R. Evans is professor emeritus of medieval theology and intellectural history in the University of Cambridge. Her books include Wyclif: Myth and Reality and Faith in the Medieval World.