b'The Beautiful Ashes of Gomez GomezBuck StormBALLADS OF PARADISE #1Literary Americana fiction filled with humor and heartW hen his wife, Angel, is killed in a head-on collision, Gomez Gomez feels he cant go onso he doesnt. He spends his days in the bushes next to the crash site drinking Thunderbird wine, and his nights cradling a coffee can full of Angels ashes. Slow, sure suicide, with no one for company but the snakes, Elviss ghost, and a strange kid named Bones.Across town, Father Jake Morales plays it safe, haunted by memories of the woman he left behind, hiding his guilt, loss, and love behind a thick wall of cassock and ritual. Then a shady business deal threatens the townand his good friend Gomez Gomezand Father Jake cant just stand by and watch. But what happens when the rescuer is the one in need of saving?The Beautiful Ashes of Gomez Gomez is quirky, heartfelt, and deeply human. Lives and hopes collide in the town of Paradise, stretching across decades and continents in this epic story of for-giveness, redemption, and love.Buck Storm is a singer, songwriter, and commercial driver in Hayden, Idaho. Hes also the author of several books, including Truck Stop Jesus, Finding Jesus in Israel, and The Miracle Man. Find out more about Buck at www.buckstorm.com.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Quirky contemporary writing will capture978-0-8254-4637-5$15.99fans of Carl Hiaasen and Charles Martin Paperback5.5 x 8.5352 pages Small-town Americana set in theFICTION / Christian / ContemporarySouthwest with a cast of compelling andKregel PublicationsRights: Worlddiverse characters June 16, 2020 Deals with grief and guilt in a unique and If We Make It Home The Name I Call Myself offbeat way ISBN 978-0-8254-4637-5978-0-8254-4495-1$14.99 978-1-78264-207-7$14.999 780825 446375www.kregel.com 9'