b'The White Rose ResistsA Novel of the German Students Who Defied HitlerAmanda BarrattInspired by the incredible true story of a group of ordinary men and women who dared to stand against evilT heidealofanewGermanysweptupSophieSchollina maelstrom of patriotic fervoruntil she realized the truth behind Hitlers machinations for the fatherland. Now she and other students in Munich, the cradle of the Nazi government, have banded together to fight for the truth: the White Rose. Risking everything to print and distribute leaflets calling for Germans to rise up against the evil permeating their country, the White Rose treads a knifes edge of discovery by the gestapo.Annalise Brandy came to the University of Munich to study art, not get involved in conspiracy. The daughter of an SS officer, shes been brought up to believe in the fhrers divinely appointed leadership.ButthemoreshecomestoknowSophieandher friends, the more she questions the Nazi propaganda.Soon Annalise joins their double lifestudents by day, resist-ers by night. And as the stakes increase, theyre forced to confront the deadly consequences meted out to any who dare to oppose the Reich.A gripping testament to courage, The White Rose Resists illu-minates the sacrifice and conviction of an unlikely group of revo-lutionaries who refused to remain silentno matter the cost.Amanda Barratt is the ECPA best-selling author of several nov-els and novellas, including My Dearest Dietrich. She is a mem-ber of American Christian Fiction Writers and a two-time FHL Readers Choice Award finalist. She and her family live in north-ern Michigan. Visit her at www.amandabarratt.net.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Seamlessly blends history with fiction 978-0-8254-4648-1$15.99 Meticulously researched work on a Paperback6 x 9352 pageslittle-known, heroic WWII story FICTION / Christian / HistoricalKregel PublicationsRights: World Perfect for fans of Eric Metaxass historicalMay 26, 2020workISBN 978-0-8254-4648-1My Dearest Dietrich Like a River from Its 978-0-8254-4605-4$24.99 Course978-0-8254-4414-2$15.999 780825 446481www.kregel.com 7'