b'AmazingSimon PonsonbyA beautiful, inspiring gift about the amazing person and nature of JesusA fter thirty years of being a disciple, Simon Ponsonby began to reflect on whether he was amazed by Jesus or whether he had lost his first love, having a relationship with Jesus that was predictable and dutiful. Did Jesus still amaze him or just employ him?As Simon reflected on this question, Jesus drew near to him, and he wrote a poem about Jesus, marveling again at who He is and what He has done. Amazing is a touching poem about how amazing Jesus isthe perfect devotional for meditating on Jesus, meeting with Him right where you are.Illustrated with the authors photographs, which position deep truths in a stark and contemporary setting and drive their message home all the more, this simple, honest, and moving poem is a won-derful gift to help others encounter the amazing person of Jesus too.Simon Ponsonby is an international author, speaker, and theolo-gian based at St Aldates Church, Oxford, UK, where he is pastor of theology. He has written several books on practical theology and doctrine, including an in-depth exploration of the Holy Spirit, God Inside Out. Simon is married to Tiffany, and they have two sons, Joel and Nat.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS A song of worship to the person of Jesus 978-1-910012-85-7$14.99 A beautifully designed devotional withHardcover6.5 x 696 pagesillustrations and the authors ownChristian Living / Devotionalphotographs Muddy PearlRights: NAAvailable A wonderful gift to help others learn about and encounter JesusISBN 978-1-910012-85-7God Inside Out Adventure978-1-910012-23-9$16.99 978-1-910012-18-5$9.999 781910 01285714 www.kregel.com'