b'BaptismThe Believers First ObedienceSecond EditionLarry E. DyerAnswers to the most important questions about Christian baptismB aptism is a step of obedience for every believer, but behind this simple act lies a rich tapestry of Christian belief and teaching. In the second edition of this short volume, Larry Dyer responds to the most common questions Christians have about baptism in nontechnical language, making it ideal for personal or small-group study. He explains what baptism is, what it means, why it is necessary, and what the mode of baptism should be. He also addresses whether infant baptism should be practiced, and whether baptism contributes to a believers salvation. He ends the book with practical advice for how to prepare for and enjoy ones experience of baptism.LarryE.Dyer(ThM,DallasTheologicalSeminary;DMin, Covenant Theological Seminary) was a pastor for more than forty years. He served in Wisconsin and Illinois before becoming senior pastor at Chapel of the Lake in St. Louis, Missouri. He has taught extension courses through Brookes Bible College in St. Louis and Calvary University in Kansas City, Missouri.Pastors Dozen Pack 978-0-8254-2570-7$99.99Paperback4.25 x 796 pages eachChristian Rituals & Practice / SacramentsKregel MinistryRights: WorldJuly 28, 2020ISBN 978-0-8254-2570-79 780825 425707RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS A basic primer for every person taking the978-0-8254-2664-3$9.99step of believers baptism Paperback4.25 x 796 pages Available in convenient and cost-savingChristian Rituals & Practice / Sacramentspacks for baptism classes Kregel MinistryRights: WorldJuly 28, 2020ISBN 978-0-8254-2664-340 Questions AboutBiblical Foundations for Baptism and the LordsBaptist ChurchesSupper 978-0-8254-4511-8$25.99978-0-8254-4277-3$22.99 9 780825 42664318 www.kregel.com'