b'40 Questions About IslamMatthew Bennett40 QUESTIONS SERIESA much-anticipated new addition to the very popular and practical book seriesI slam is one of the most significant forces shaping the world today, but most Christians are confused about its key beliefs and practices. Many wonder about the apparent similarities and obvious differences between Christianity and Islam, and want to reach out to Muslim friends or neighbors with the gospel but dont know where to begin. Having spent several years living in North Africa and the Middle East, missions professor Matthew Bennett guides readers through Islams key tenets and provides answers to critical questions, such as:Who was Muhammad and what was his message?Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?What is shariah law?What is the Islamic view of salvation?What happens in the mosque?What are the differences between the Quran and the Bible?Is Islam inherently misogynistic?How should a Christian share the gospel with Muslims?Helpfulsummariesattheendofeachchapterencapsulate important information, followed by discussion questions useful for personal or small-group study. Whether you want to under-standIslambetterorreachMuslimsforChrist,40Questions About Islam is an indispensable primer and reference book.Matthew Bennett is assistant professor of missions and theology at Cedarville University. After earning his MDiv in international church planting and his PhD in missiology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Bennett served and lived in North Africa and the Middle East for several years.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Clear and specific answers to FAQs about978-0-8254-4622-1$21.99Islam Paperback6 x 9288 pages Fifteenth book in the best-selling 40RELIGION / Islam / GeneralQuestions series Kregel AcademicRights: WorldMarch 31, 2020 Excellent resource for individuals and group studiesISBN 978-0-8254-4622-1Unveiling Islam How Islam Plans to 978-0-8254-2428-1$16.99 Change the World978-0-8254-3929-2$19.999 780825 446221www.kregel.com 5'