b'Weve Been There True Stories, Surprising Insights, and Aha Moments for Adopted TeensSusan TeBosCandid, unfiltered stories about how it feels to be a teen adopteeT heteenyearsarefullofuncomfortableself-discoveryfor everyone. But adopted teens grapple with issues that make the coming of age journey immensely more difficult. Many dont have words for what theyre feeling, sensing, or believing about themselves. They often dont have anyone like them to help work through their struggles. Forced to cope on their own, they end up feeling isolated. AdoptionadvocateandadoptivemomSusanTeBoshas watched her own children go through these struggles. Often she wished for a voice that would resonate with adopted teensher own and othersand authentically meet them where they are. She found not one voice, but many: over thirty older adopted teens and young adults. Weve Been There gathers their stories, giving readers a front-row seat to people with similar stories and feelings. This book is an unprecedented glimpse into the unfiltered feel-ings, thoughts, experiences, and unanswered questions that well up in the heart of every person with adoption in their story. From people who have been there as adopted kids, this book not only invites adopted teens to bring their concerns into the open, but also helps them process how they feel and offers them hope on the other side. In these pages, teen adoptees will understand them-selves in a whole new way and find reassurance and a sense of belonging as part of a global adopted community. Susan TeBos is a writer, speaker, Bible study leader, and a for-mer marketing professional at Amway Corporation. She and her husband, Mike, have adopted three children from Siberia, and the family makes their home in Grand, Rapids, Michigan. Susan is an adoption advocate and the coauthor of Before You Were Mine: Discovering Your Adopted Childs Life Story. RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS For a wide range of adoptees, includ- 978-0-8254-4731-0$17.99ing international, domestic, and fosterPaperback5.5 x 8.5240 pagescare YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Family /Casual, honest tone straight fromAdoptionyoung adults who grew up adoptedKregel PublicationsRights: WorldMay 24, 2022 Author is a longtime adoption advo-Missionary Mom Views from the Spectrum cate and the adoptive mother of three 978-0-8254-4538-5$15.99 978-0-8254-4667-2$17.99 Russian teens6 www.kregel.com'