b'Christianity and Modern MedicineFoundations for BioethicsMark Wesley Foreman and Lindsay C. Leonard Raises and considers common issues, cutting through the moral fog in medical scienceC hristianity and Modern Medicine raises moral questions that were merely hypothetical just decades ago. Moreover, traditional moral models are incessantly challenged by the medicalcommunityatlarge,shiftingtheconversationto patientandsocietalrightswithinaframeworkofmoral relativism and rendering the decision-making process morally vague and confusing.InChristianityandModernMedicine,bioethicistMark Wesley Foreman and attorney Lindsay C. Leonard delve into the major ethical issues facing todays medical professionals, with the purpose of providing principles and guidelines for making critical ethical decisions where medical knowledge, technologies, and capabilities are constantly evolving. Topics covered include:procreational ethicsgenetic ethicsabortionmedical researchinfanticideclinical ethicsphysician-assisted suicidelegal issuesWhile Christianity and Modern Medicine is designed spe-cifically for students planning careers in the medical field, it is accessible to any Christian interested in steering through the moral fog in the practice of medicine today.MarkWesleyForeman(PhD,UniversityofVirginia)has been teaching bioethics at Liberty University for almost thirty years. During his doctoral work, he studied under James F. Childress who is recognized as one of the fathers of the mod-ern bioethics movement in this country.Lindsay C. Leonard serves as Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia and is adjunct instructor for the online bioethics course for Liberty University.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Written from both medical and legal978-0-8254-4756-3$29.99perspectives Paperback6 x 9384 pages A clear and unapologetic guide toRELIGION / Christian Theology / Ethicsestablishing and defending a ChristianKregel AcademicRights: Worldmoral approach to medical issuesMay 10, 2022in a field now dominated by moral relativismInvitation to ChristianThe Limitations ofEthics Scientific TruthAddresses head-on ethically challeng-978-0-8254-3445-7$44.99 978-0-8254-2253-9$18.99 ing issues in modern medical practice and experimentationwww.kregel.com 5'