b'IsaiahDiscovering Assurance Through Prophecies About Your Mighty KingSue EdwardsDISCOVER TOGETHER BIBLE STUDYMove from a focus on current circumstances to a trust in a future with King JesusI ts not breaking news that the world is in turmoil. Disease, economic issues, global and political unrestcombined, they threaten to overwhelm us all with despair of ever achieving peace. In addition, many Christians have been told that they are respon-sible for bringing heaven to earth. They believe that if they can do enough good deeds, they will make life beautiful again.Sue Edwards argues that this attitude is not only unrealistic, it causes many believers to lose the courage and stamina it takes to follow Christ. The answer to this dilemmaas to so many othersis found in Scripture. Isaiahs prophecies of the coming King are a reminder that it is only when Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom that the promise of true justice and peace on earth will be fulfilled. Shifting focus to the exciting future and away from unrealistic, impossible expectations of the present frees believers to live with adventurous anticipation and emotional health. Its good news for a generation of overwhelmed Christians! With her trademark clarity and impeccable scholarship, Sue Edwards mines Isaiah for the prophecies that ignite a freeing con-fidence for readers in her latest addition to the popular Discover Together Bible Study series. Sue Edwards (MA, Dallas Theological Seminary; D.Min., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is associate professor of educa-tional ministry and leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary. She has more than twenty-five years of experience teaching, pas-toring, and directing womens ministries. In addition, Sue speaks at retreats, conferences, and seminars across the country, and is author of Organic Mentoring and coauthor of Organic Ministry to Women.Visit www.discovertogetherseries.com forBiblestudy videos, free leaders guides, and more.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTSDISCOVER TOGETHER BIBLE STUDY EDWARDSNine-week structure perfect for group or978-0-8254-4762-4$15.99A nine-weoenk i linvdinugc twivie Bselyible study individual studies Paperback7 x 1096 pagesHave you e, ever wvieth a pn tishoderd yoaby. Iloeu ht im os par sd a gactkruged wuigdlieintbg ih ton a rrk futhos aer llaibftieoonut hsphagiope? Thw Gs yoou cadts js wouuslod flt wrld wihp tat tohrrkhoe bs augnh wod hok ohoew f nc w o PROVERBS VOL. 1 Biblical Studies / Bible Study GuidesPore a nvfrere corbns itaeld wsled tno lcieivne wt woelrl ild an int. d our modern life may lok diferent, human nature is the same. ll discover the practical advice in pnd orotvheerrsbs a.nd the wisdomDisfocr a POffers both biblical scholarship and real-Though the aIn t k ofoveroinsgtm Aondceiernn Worldt Wisdom that phis ironpdeuls uctivs ie sntto a mudy, yoorue fhtrfuul titfeual rcheilnagti, Sonushe Eip wdwitah Grds tod aackles this important bo w S Kregel PublicationsRights: WorldWcisirtdih hpotm auere fr tnrud haldl oeemf plpas yrrik tnocu thipolugeras tno gslatoe wverhn lat yifeo. Ju loien harn ier anto gs shoe ldley aadns yd joou iyfn yul loivuir png.ursuit ofPROVERBS VOL. 1 life applicationprie D June 22, 2022Th ncipislecso, avenr Td toimgetelheesr Bs liifbe lle Sestoudns fy sreorm bies eoqoukis ops yf tohu we Biitbh mle. Loeanoik fngofur tl dhe eevonttiiore ln, bine oiblif cal inductA five Bree liblee sadteurds gies buidy Se fuoe Er thdis swaturdds ay it Ds avaisciolavbele arTot gDetihsceorvSeerrTieosg.ecothme.rSeries.com. SUE EDas mireys) i, aos prne td srhofapen fesasokos ar orty yt rf eeedtarrs ouecaatf ets, cioxnopanl mefreireinennicse tctrey ase, aancnhd ld sinegae, pmdeairsnsars around the country. S S m - io Sue EdwardsFocuses on Isaiah, one of the most studied mehie h WARDS (MA, Dalas Theological Seminary; DMintho, Gip arinogt D, ardoannd dlaC s Thniisntar rencwetoienlll Thg wogicoeaml Soelonegms icinal ary. RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Bible Study Guides 978082547051 books of the BibleISBN 978-0-8254-4705-11 and 2 Thessalonians Proverbs, vol. 1978-0-8254-4711-2$15.99 978-0-8254-4705-1$15.99www.kregel.com 21'