b'Associate PastorsMinistry from the MiddleMichael Matthew MaurielloRather than simply leading or following, why not consider stewarding? A ssociate pastors of all kindswhether assigned to children, youth, worship, adult, or outreachare often caught in the middle of complicated relationships in their congregations. Its an emotionally taxing and organizationally confusing position. In Associate Pastors, Michael Matthew Mauriello demonstrates how associate pastors can harness the ambiguity that accompanies their role in ways that can mutually benefit church members and other pastoral staff.The heart of Associate Pastors comes from personal interviews withtwenty-fiveassociatepastorsinsmall-to-medium-sized churches who have served in pastoral ministry positions for more than ten years. Their shared experiences demonstrate the unique social and spiritual dynamics of the associate pastor role and suggest great promise for those willing to approach their calling withcreativityandcare.Specifically,whenassociatepastors facilitate learning within their congregations, they confer bene-fits on church leadership and laypeople alike.Given that most pastoral students have limited preparation for the responsibilities associate pastors shoulder, Associate Pastors is an ideal textbook for Bible colleges and seminaries. Those study-ing for the pastorate and those already serving in associate pastor roles will find encouragement and a new vision for blessing the church.Michael Matthew Mauriello (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is assistant professor of Christian Ministry at LeTourneau University and the director of Church Relations, Training, and Assessment at the Passage Institute for Youth and Theology, a one-year discipleship program for high school students. He has more than ten years of experience as an associate pastor in EFCA churches.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS A new conceptualization of the asso- 978-0-8254-4744-0$20.99ciate pastor as person in the middlePaperback5.5 x 8.5240 pagesbetween the complicated relationshipsRELIGION / Christian Ministry / in congregations and ministries Pastoral ResourcesOffers a paradigm for the associateKregel MinistryRights: Worldpastor as stewards of the dynamicsJune 21, 2022present in intrachurch relationshipsEthical Dilemmas inThe Mentoring ChurchChurch Leadership 978-0-8254-4464-7$18.99Written from the personal and practical 978-0-8254-3197-5$16.99 experience of more than twenty-five associate pastors16 www.kregel.com'