b'Five Views on the New Testament CanonStanley E. Porter and Benjamin P. Laird, editors VIEWPOINTSA perfect text for understanding how the New Testament came to beT he enduring influence of the New Testament does not lessen the dispute over the events and factors leading to its adoption. Five Views on the New Testament Canon presents five distinct waysofunderstandinghowtheNewTestamentcametobe: conservative, progressive, liberal, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox. Each contributor addresses historical, theological, and her-meneutical questions related to the New Testament canon, such as what factors precipitated the establishment and recognition of the New Testament canon; the basis of any authority the New Testament has; and what the canon means for reading and inter-preting the New Testament. Also included are responses from each contributor to the other views presented in the volume. The result is a lively, irenic exchange suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students seeking to grasp the best canon scholarship in biblical studies.Stanley E. Porter (PhD, University of Sheffield) is president, dean, professor of New Testament, and Roy A. Hope Chair in Christian Worldview at McMaster Divinity College. Porter is the editor of more than eighty volumes and author of twenty-eight books on various topics in New Testament and related subjects, including How We Got the New Testament. Porter has published more than three hundred articles, chapters, and related writings, and he speaks regularly at major conferences and other venues globally. Benjamin P. Laird (PhD, University of Aberdeen) serves as asso-ciate professor of Biblical Studies at the John W. Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University. He is the author of the forthcom-ing volume The Formation, Publication, and Circulation of the Pauline Corpus in Early Christianity.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Expertly articulated presentations of each978-0-8254-4727-3$24.99of the five major theological and sectar- Paperback5.5 x 8.5304 pagesian dogmas on how the New TestamentRELIGION / Biblical Criticism & canon was delineated Interpretation / New Testament Contains thorough theological, historical,Kregel AcademicRights: Worldand hermeneutical factors precipitatingAugust 23, 2022each major viewFour Views on the WarningThree Views on the Origins Passages in Hebrews of the Synoptic GospelsIncludes responses by authors to the com-978-0-8254-2132-7$29.99 978-0-8254-3838-7$26.99 peting views presented www.kregel.com 19'