b'From the Garden to the City, Revised EditionThe Place of Technology in the Story of GodJohn DyerFrom ancient tools to modern devices, technology is part of what it means to be human and honor GodC hristiandiscussionoftechnologytendstofocusalong prescriptive lines. Dont look at the wrong pictures. Dont interact with pride or wrath on social media. Be careful not to join an immodest TikTok trend. Listen only to Christian music and Christian podcasts. But a biblical perspective on technology goes far deeper than how tools are used, and involves much more than the electronics that pervade todays world. Technology is, in fact, a foundational part of what it means to be humanand it extends back to the very beginning of creation. Technology was included in what God declared good. But like all things impacted by the fall, it has immense power to rewire us for good or bad. John Dyers popular From the Garden to the City is back in this fully revised and updated edition, moving beyond moralism in order to examine technology as essentially human and totally transformative. Perfect for both classroom use and individual con-templation, this book encourages readers to open their minds to see our technological world with biblical vision. Creative, unpredictable, and surprisingly moving. . . . With Dyers help, you will never see either a shovel or a smartphone the same way again.Outreach Dyer brings a solidly Christian perspective to the topic [of media ecology], arguing that technology is neither neutral nor evil. . . . Lively and accessible to techies and non-techies alike.WorldA helpful aid for those wanting to learn how technology fits with faith. Ministry TodayJohn Dyer is the dean of Enrollment and Educational Technology and assistant professor of theological studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, and lives in Irving, Texas. His other work includes Ecclesiology for a Digital Church and People of the Screen. RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Includes discussion questions in each978-0-8254-3312-2$18.99chapter for use in group study orPaperback5.5 x 8.5224 pagesclassrooms RELIGION / Christian Living / SocialBest seller since its first release in 2011 IssuesKregel PublicationsRights: World This revised edition considers new tech- July 19, 2022nology and what has changed in the last A Mind of Their Own Digitally Remastered decade 978-1-910012-31-4$17.99 978-1-910012-37-6$13.9914 www.kregel.com'