b'The Quran and the ChristianAn In-Depth Look into the Book of Islam for Followers of JesusMatthew Aaron BennettUnderstanding Islams sacred text is integral to understanding your Muslim neighborC ross-cultural missionary and scholar Matthew Aaron Bennett blendstheinsightsofIslamicbelievers,secularQuran scholars, and missionaries to Muslims, making The Quran and the Christian like no other resource for Christian ministry to Muslims.Combiningtheseperspectivesinoneguidebetter equips Christians to communicate the biblical gospel to friends and neighbors who are adherents to Islamboth in and out of majority-Muslim cultures.The Quran and the Christian addresses issues both simple and profound, such as:How the Quran came to be, including Muhammed and the Qurans textual precursorsThe major themes of the Quran and how these shape the practice of IslamThe presence of Bible characters, Jews, and Christians in the Quranic textWhether and how a Christian should read the QuranAvoiding miscommunication with Muslims when the Quran and Christian teaching seem to overlapThis book will help Christians learn how to explore Islamic faith with missiological wisdom and biblical precision. The Quran and the Christian will give believers the insight to deepen friend-ships,promoteunderstanding,andclarifythebiblicalgospel among Muslim friends and neighbors.Matthew Aaron Bennett (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)isassistantprofessorofMissionsandTheologyat Cedarville University. He has over seventeen years of intercul-tural ministry experience, including leadership and teaching in majority-Muslim contexts. RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Truly unique in its field, incorporating978-0-8254-4708-2$19.99insights from Islamic Christians, secularPaperback5.5 x 8.5256 pagesMuslim scholars, and missionaries toRELIGION / Comparative Religion Muslims Kregel AcademicRights: World Indispensable for Christians who want toApril 26, 2022avoid miscommunication and misunder-standing with Muslim acquaintances40 Questions About Islam Unveiling Islam, Updated 978-0-8254-4622-1$21.99 and ExpandedAuthoritative, accurate, and reliable infor-978-0-8254-2428-1$16.99 mation on the contents and applications of the Quran in Muslim life4 www.kregel.com'