• How to Pray in the Spirit

    How to Pray in the Spirit
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    Edition: October 23, 1998

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    Publication date: October 23, 1998

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    How to Pray in the Spirit

    Thirty-One Devotional Readings on Personal Prayer

    From the author of the classic Pilgrim's Progress, this devotional book will give you deeper understanding and greater freedom of expression in your personal relationship with God. Bunyan's dying words on prayer will stir the heart of readers and are only a sampling of Bunyan's insight. Available in Spanish
    Author: John Bunyan
    John Bunyan (1628-1688) was a Puritan preacher and writer born in Elstow, England. He wrote Pilgrim's Progress during his twelve-year imprisonment in Bedford jail. Upon his release, he became the pastor of a church in Bedford, England.