• Confessions of a Christian Spinster

    Confessions of a Christian Spinster
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    ISBN: 9780825448034

    Edition: May 16, 2023

    Pages: 224

    Publication date: May 16, 2023

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

    Category: Christian Living and Devotionals

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    Confessions of a Christian Spinster

    Finding Purpose in a Perplexed and Paired-Up Church

    Encourages, challenges, and orients singles and ministry leaders to the role of the unmarried in church

    Being single in today's church often feels like a waiting game. You're put on hold in ministry, service, even spiritual growth until you say "I do," and you're either pitied or not seen at all.

    Unlike today's church, God is not mystified by the presence of unmarried Christ-followers in the pews. In fact, he has masterful plans for those without rings on their fingers. Alisha Plummer points out how God is eager to empower them with purpose and passion.

    In Confessions of a Christian Spinster, Alisha explores God's design specifically for Christian singlehood through amusing tales and scripturally based truths. She tackles the difficult questions the church often ignores, like: Where do I fit in? Does the church even want me? Has God forgotten about me? What happens if I never get married? Further, she confronts the church, calling for an adjustment to its couple-centric culture, and asking Christians to understand that their single brothers and sisters are not only valued by God but integral to his kingdom.

    Singles will feel seen through Alisha's words; they'll be encouraged to seize their role in the church and inspire their pastoral staff to reinvent their culture on singleness. Confessions of a Christian Spinster is a powerful resource for those seeking to live and thrive in a perplexed church--and a way forward for the church itself.
    Author: Alisha Plummer
    Alisha Plummer is an emergency department physician assistant and writer near Albequerque, New Mexico. A self-described "perpetual Christian single," she is also a church leader in women's and children's ministries. While this is her first book, Alisha writes for multiple periodical and online publications and regularly blogs at her devotional site pandorasporch.com