• Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature

    Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature
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    Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature

    An Exegetical Handbook

    "An appreciation for the rich diversity of literary genres in Scripture is one of the positive features of evangelical scholarship in recent decades."--David M. Howard Jr., series editor

    At one time, Old Testament apocalyptic literature was relegated to the more obscure reaches of biblical scholarship, acceptable to occasionally refer to, but too thorny to delve into deeply. However, in recent decades it has moved to the forefront of research. The rich veins of insight to be mined in the book of Daniel and other apocalyptic texts are being rediscovered. Richard A. Taylor has crafted a handbook to explore those riches and uncover a way to understand apocalyptic literature more fully.

    Taylor begins with a helpful introduction to the genre; surveys the purpose, message, and primary themes of Old Testament apocalyptic literature; and then discusses critical questions and key works for further study. He also provides guidelines for interpreting apocalyptic texts, followed by Old Testament passages that serve to illustrate those guidelines.

    While primarily written for pastors and graduate students, Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature is nonetheless accessible to those who simply want to study the texts more deeply than previously possible.
    Author: Richard A. Taylor
    Richard A. Taylor is senior professor of Old Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Taylor’s previous publications include Haggai in the New American Commentary series.