• iVocab Biblical Greek 2.0: Vocabulary for Six Beginning Grammars

    iVocab Biblical Greek 2.0: Vocabulary for Six Beginning Grammars
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    ISBN: 9780825427459

    Edition: October 22, 2008

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    Publication date: October 22, 2008

    Imprint: Kregel Academic

    Category: Biblical Languages

    Series: iVocab Series

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    iVocab Biblical Greek 2.0: Vocabulary for Six Beginning Grammars

    iVocab Biblical Greek 2.0 comprehensively updates and expands the widely successful iVocab Biblical Greek. Version 2.0 continues to move beyond traditional ink-and-paper flashcards, allowing users to see and hear chapter vocabulary followed by the translation. A powerful, portable learning tool, it includes more than 800 audiovisual flashcards for your iPodr, other MP3 player, cell phone, or computer. Coordinated with six leading Greek grammars -- Mounce, Duff, Black, Croy, Machen-McCartney, and Wenham -- iVocab Biblical Greek 2.0 features will maximize vocabulary learning for students!

    iVocab Biblical Greek 2.0 includes: alphabet and diphthongs, a searchable index, printable flashcards, practice reading passages, and a guide for learning language independently. iVocab Biblical Greek 2.0 offers the tools to: customize vocabulary lists, rate vocabulary from "unknown" to "confident", and randomly shuffle flashcards. iVocab Biblical Greek 2.0 automatically generates: review lists for new, established, and long-term vocabulary, and review lists based on student vocabulary ratings.

    iVocab Biblical Greek 2.0 is designed for the following iPod models: iPod Nano, 2nd generation; iPod Nano, 3rd generation; iPod, with color display; iPod, 5th generation; iPod Classic; and the iPod Touch.
    Author: David M. Hoffeditz

    David M. Hoffeditz (PhD, University of Aberdeen) has taught beginning and intermediate Greek at the collegiate level and currently serves on the pastoral staff of a church in Springfield, Ohio.

    J. Michael Thigpen

    J. Michael Thigpen is completing his PhD in Hebraic and Cognate Studies at Hebrew Union College. He has taught Hebrew on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.