• The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek

    The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek
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    ISBN: 9780825427435

    Edition: November 09, 2012

    Pages: 112

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    Publication date: November 09, 2012

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Academic

    Category: Biblical Languages

    Series: The Handy Guide Series

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    The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek

    Grammar, Syntax, and Diagramming

    Whether you're learning biblical Greek or using it, this is the reference tool to keep on hand. In a quick visual layout, it supplements textbooks to gives you immediate access to:

    1. first-year Greek grammar

    2. second-year Greek syntax

    3. step-by-step phrase diagramming

    Easy to carry and easy to use, The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek crystalizes the information you need to know for classes or enables you to develop a sermon or lesson outline from the Greek New Testament faster than you could from an English translation.
    Author: Douglas S. Huffman
    Editor Douglas S. Huffman is professor and chair of the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies at Northwestern College in Minnesota. He is the coeditor of God Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents God.