• How Biblical Languages Work

    How Biblical Languages Work
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    Edition: April 14, 2004

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    Publication date: April 14, 2004

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    How Biblical Languages Work

    A Student's Guide to Learning Hebrew and Greek

    A practical and easy to understand guide to learning both Hebrew and Greek. Ideal for Biblical language scholars. This book provides the first practical beginner's guide to the main components of biblical Hebrew and Greek. It will bring the reader through various organizational structures in Hebrew and Greek using insights gained from years of linguistic and biblical experience. The authors intend this book to be used as a tool to supplement traditional courses in Hebrew and Greek, and to show that these languages are organized in much the same way as other languages. The last chapter includes tips to help each reader learn in his or her own way.

    Written by two extremely well-qualified linguists.

    Uses helpful learning methods by moving from known (English) to unknown (biblical languages). Ideal companion to first-year grammars.

    Provides a key for getting the most out of both Hebrew and Greek

    "Students and others who want to study biblical languages will find this a helpful tool. The authors discuss the basic principles of language: morphemes, phonemes, verbs, nouns, phrases, and clauses. They further explain how semantics, figurative language, context, and sentence structure work to produce meaningful thought. An understanding of these terms greatly facilitates the mastery of Greek and Hebrew." -Glen H. Jones, Pulpit Helps

    "It is an ideal supplement to the first-year Hebrew and Greek student or any student seeking to do better Bible word studies. This book includes practical exercises, a glossary of terms, resources for further study, and a listing of helpful Internet sites relating to languages." -Book Marks
    Author: Peter James Silzer
    Peter James Silzer (Ph.D., Australian National University) has been a member of the Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics since 1972. He served as a linguist and Bible translator in Asia from 1975-1992, and taught linguistics and Bible translation at Biola University on behalf of SIL and Wycliffe from 1992-2005.