• Together for Good
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    ISBN: 9780825424441

    Pages: 320

    Publication date: 5-16-2006

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    Category: Fiction

    Together for Good

    A Novel

    Twenty years ago, Abby Wagner lost her baby. 

    Now, at the pinnacle of her career, the repressed pain from that loss surfaces when she is assigned to design a publicity campaign for Heartsong Adoptions . . . the very organization that separated her from her son. The panic she feels opens her deepest wounds as the past rises up to haunt her.

    To find some peace of mind, Abby returns to her family’s cottage on Orcas Island. As she slowly releases her grip on the past, Abby discovers a miracle in the most unexpected place.

    “Melanie has taken the age-old truth that God can be trusted with what we value most and crafted a lovely story that reveals what can happen when we let go and believe it.”

    —Susan Meissner
    Author, Why the Sky is Blue

    “Melanie Dobson’s got a story for you. In this straw-to-gold tale of a lost boy who finds his way home, Dobson shows that she can both spin a yarn and turn a phrase. The tapestry that is Together for Good will warm your heart like only a gift stitched with love can do.”

    —Melanie Wells
    Author, Soul Hunter

    Melanie Dobson is an author as well as the owner of the publicity firm Dobson Media. The former corporate publicity manager at Focus on the Family, Melanie has worked in the fields of journalism and publicity for more than twelve years. Melanie currently lives in California with her husband, Jon, and their two adopted daughters, Karly and Kinzel.