• Tiger in the Shadows
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    ISBN: 9780825441080

    Pages: 400

    Publication date: 5-11-2004

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    Category: Fiction

    Tiger in the Shadows

    A Novel

    Stefanie Peng abandons her comfortable American life for a desperate quest—gaining the release of her grandfather, an underground pastor, from an oppressive Chinese labor camp. But the "Beijing Tiger," a Chinese master spy, stalks her every move; clawing for leverage over America through her father, a world-renowned physicist, and the leaders of the Chinese church. Only the courage of the enigmatic man who loves her can save her. From the labor camps to illegal union meetings, from prison to the underground church, Stefanie comes face-to-face with the value of her freedom and the cost so many pay for the faith.

    • The author—a member of Human Rights in China—knows the Chinese situation
    • A dramatic look at the living conditions of persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ
    • Touches a growing global consciousness