• The Woman Behind the Mask
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    ISBN: 9780825424052

    Pages: 176

    Publication date: 12-23-2005

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    The Woman Behind the Mask

    Trading Your Facade for Authentic Life

    “In this soul-searching book, Jan Coleman shares how to remove the confusion, emotional burnout, and walls of protection to become the woman God created you to be—transparent, vulnerable, and full of life.”

    —Marita Littauer
    President, CLASServices, Inc. and best-selling author of But Lord, I Was Happy Shallow

    It’s Act I in the drama of life. Enter the leading lady, cast in the role of every woman: wife, mother, and career professional. She wears the cool and confident mask that says, “I have it under control.”

    The next scene finds our leading lady dreaming. She sees herself as an old woman at the end of her life, looking back over her days and wondering, “Why did I swallow the myth that I could be everything to everybody? I played too many roles not intended for me. I fooled myself by my own masquerade.” She recalls herself in her most worn mask, the one with the sweet smile and devout look reserved for Sundays. She realizes, “Maybe I missed out on who God intended me to be.”

    She wakes with a strong desire to be real. “Lord, help me find the woman behind the mask.”

    Jan Coleman is a busy author and conference speaker. She’s a popular guest on Christian radio and television shows sharing her powerful life story. Her books include After the Locusts and Unshakeable. She and her husband, Carl, love traveling and trout fishing. They make their home in Auburn, California.