• Happily Ever After
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    ISBN: 9780825427589

    Pages: 240

    Publication date: 9-12-2006

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    Happily Ever After

    A Real-Life Look at Your First Year of Marriage . . . and Beyond

    The proposal . . .
                the planning . . .
                            the wedding . . .
    the honeymoon . . . THEN WHAT?

    Worlds collide when two people come together with completely different views about marriage. Expectations are half the battle for first-year marriages. Many people think they will become better versions of themselves, but there are other expectations to deal with too—things like:

    1. Sex
    2. Finances
    3. Disagreements
    4. Church and spirituality
    5. In-laws

    Such is the case for countless couples. More time and energy is spent on preparing for the wedding than for the marriage.

    Written with openness and brimming with practical advice, Toben and Joanne Heim reflect on the struggles and triumphs of their first year of marriage to provide a realistic and hopeful view of “happily ever after.”

    “How you live your first year of marriage affects years two to fifty-two. Toben and Joanne Heim give wisdom’s tools to help get year one right. We highly recommend Happily Ever After.”

    —Jody and Linda Dillow
    Authors of Intimacy Ignited

    “I don’t know of another marriage book as honest and insightful. I have even used its wisdom in my twenty-second year of marriage!”

    —Glenn T. Stanton
    Author of My Crazy Imperfect Christian Family and Why Marriage Matters

    Toben and Joanne Heim are the authors of several books and Bible studies, including Living Simply: Choosing Less in a World of More (written by Joanne Heim), Wrecked: Waking Up on the Other Side of Your American Dream (coauthored by Toben Heim and Ryan Dobson), and the mosaixstudy study series.