• Every Day with the Father

    Every Day with the Father
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    Edition: August 07, 2012

    Pages: 384

    Publication date: August 07, 2012

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Every Day with the Father

    366 Devotional Readings from John's Gospel

    A profound, year-long encounter with the Father through the pages of John's gospel

    Dr. Mark Stibbe fell in love with John's gospel as a teenager. This set of devotional readings springs from profound reflection over many years on the character of the Father in this gospel. He writes:

    In John's Gospel, Jesus is the Son who reveals the Father. He is presented to us as the one who came to show us what the Father is truly like. He says of himself that he is the only Way to the Father and the one who discloses the truth about the Father heart of God. Every verse of John's Gospel reveals the Father.

    Stibbe has already unpacked the implications of the Father who has adopted us, embraced us in His family, and promised never to abandon us in his book I Am Your Father. Every Day with the Father encourages readers not to just learn but to live these truths.

    Author: Mark Stibbe
    The Rev. Dr. Mark Stibbe leads the Father's House Trust, based in Watford. He has written many books and is a popular speaker both in the United Kingdom and throughout the rest of Europe. He is a frequent visitor to North America and has recently set up a US office.