• Comparison Girl

    Comparison Girl
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    Comparison Girl

    Lessons from Jesus on Me-Free Living in a Measure-Up World

    "In a sideways-glancing, elbow-jamming, status-grasping culture, Comparison Girl supplies an upside-down approach to an age-old problem."--KATIE M. REID, author of Made Like Martha

    Do you constantly compare yourself with others? On social media, in your neighborhood, at church, or in the school drop-off lane, do you push yourself to prove that you measure up . . . and then feel ashamed when you don't? Measuring yourself against others isn't healthy. And it isn't God's plan. In fact, the way of Jesus is completely upside down from this measure-up world. He invites us to follow him and be restored to freedom, confidence, and joy.

    Join Shannon Popkin as she shares what she has discovered about her own measure-up fears and get-ahead pride. With her trademark humor and straightforward honesty, she's created this six-week Bible study to explore the conversations Jesus had and the stories he shared with people who--like us--were comparing themselves.

    Leave measure-up comparison behind and connect with those around you by choosing Jesus's me-free way of living: lifting others up and pouring yourself out!
    Author: Shannon Popkin
    From the platform, page, and podcast mic, Shannon Popkin invited you to open your Bible, drink deeply of God's story, and live like it's true. Shannon's other books include Control Girl, Comparison Girl, and Shaped by God's Promises. Shannon also hosts the Live Like It's True Bible podcast and has been featured on Revive Our Hearts, FamilyLife Today, The Gospel Coalition, and Proverbs 31.