• Life on the Line
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    ISBN: 9780825463044

    Pages: 256

    Publication date: 8-20-2009

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Category: Biography

    Life on the Line

    Extraordinary Life and Ministry of Des and Ros Sinclair As Told to Al Gibson

    For over two decades Dr. Des Sinclair and his wife Ros have traveled throughout Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia. He has seen three people raised from the dead: he has been released from prison in extraordinary circumstances; he has preached the gospel in the face of fierce opposition, particularly from Muslim groups. Thrown out by his father at the age of eleven, he has since been abused, imprisoned, tortured, even sentenced to death—yet in obedience to the perceived call of God he has pressed on. Life on the Line

    is his amazing story.