• When God Breaks Through

    When God Breaks Through
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    When God Breaks Through

    Sermons on Revival by Vance Havner

    “Vance Havner used the Word of God like a sword. You pick any one of his books and you could sense the presence and power of the Holy Spirit leaping off those pages.” —Billy Graham

    Licensed to preach at the age of twelve and ordained at fifteen, Havner spent a lifetime calling people to repentance. A popular revivalist known for his homespun storytelling and memorable wordplay, Havner boldly proclaimed the Word of God for seventy-three years.

    The author of more than thirty books, Havner’s sermons are favorites among pastors who find his style refreshing, his quotes memorable, and his message convincing.  In this collection of ten revival sermons, Havner’s hard-hitting words proclaim the biblical message of heaven, hell, sin, repentance, sacrifice, holiness, prayer, and the lordship of Christ—themes that resonate with as much relevance today as when Havner first preached them.

    “Vance Havner . . . is imitated, but he will never be duplicated. I rejoice that we have his ministry available to a new generation that is seeking something more than ‘the average Christian life.’”

    —Warren W. Wiersbe

    “Havner was a prophet of righteousness and revival. . . . It is encouraging that some of these flaming messages are now available for a modern generation that has never seen true revival.”

    —Stephen F. Olford
    Founder and Chairman of Olford Ministries

    Dennis Hester has compiled and edited four books on Vance Havner. He works as a church consultant, workshop leader, conference speaker, and writer. He and his family live in Shelby, North Carolina.

    Author: Vance Havner
    Vance Havner (1901-1986) was a popular revivalist known for his homespun storytelling and memorable wordplay. Havner boldly proclaimed the word of God for seventy-three years.