• What Is God Doing in Israel?

    What Is God Doing in Israel?
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    Edition: April 27, 2016

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    Publication date: April 27, 2016

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    What Is God Doing in Israel?

    When Jews and Palestinians Meet Jesus

    Stories of Jewish and Palestinian believers in Jesus living in Israel and the West Bank today

    Author Julia Fisher presents fourteen true stories from Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian believers living in Israel and Palestinian areas that describe what God is doing despite the current tide of political and religious turmoil. Reconciliation is at the heart of each story, though reconciliation in the context of the Middle East is fraught with danger and seemingly impossible challenges.

    These interviews demonstrate how, despite the tensions and the dreadful headlines, the numbers of believers in Jesus are growing among both Palestinian Muslims and Jews.

    Interviewees include expatriate Jews, children of Holocaust survivors, believers from Muslim backgrounds, a former drug addict, a pastor in Bethlehem, and an Egyptian setting up an underground church in Gaza.

    What Is God Doing in Israel? will be of particular interest to those fascinated by the land of Israel, and the narrative of the Jewish and Palestinian people who live there.

    Author: Julia Fisher
    Julia Fisher is an experienced journalist and broadcaster, most recently with Premier Radio. She visits Israel several times a year, and speaks and writes widely on this subject.