• The View from Mount Calvary

    The View from Mount Calvary
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    The View from Mount Calvary

    24 Portraits of the Cross Throughout Scripture

    Without Jesus, the Bible makes no sense, and without his atoning death on the cross, the Bible makes no difference. From Genesis to Revelation, the death of Jesus on Mt. Calvary is the Bible’s central theme.

    “So, Calvary covers it all,” writes John Phillips. “Calvary was conceived in the mind of God in a past eternity. Its shadow lay across the inspired Old Testament page. Its stark reality is detailed for us in the Gospels. Its blessed results are the themes of the Epistles. In ages yet unborn, Calvary will be the lasting wonder of all God’s redeemed.”

    The View From Mt. Calvary will deepen your appreciation of the finished work of Christ as John Phillips guides you through the entire Bible. Pastors, speakers, and teachers will find truths suitable for Communion services, Easter celebrations, and stirring devotional study.

    “Dr. Phillips has the rare gift of bringing diverse Scripture passages together so that we see beautiful patterns in Scripture and as a result, better understand ‘the big picture.’ I highly recommend this book to all who want to draw ‘near the cross’ and be transformed by the Holy Spirit as they receive God’s Word and obey it.”

    —Warren W. Wiersbe

    John Phillips taught in the Moody Evening School and on the Moody Broadcasting radio network. He is the author of numerous books, including a multivolume expository commentary series. Now retired, Dr. Phillips remains active in his writing and preaching. He and his wife, Betty, live in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

    Author: John Phillips
    John Phillips (1927-2010) served as assistant director of the Moody Correspondence School as well as director of the Emmaus Correspondence School, one of the world's largest Bible correspondence ministries. He also taught in the Moody Evening School and on the Moody Broadcasting radio network. For more information about his life and ministry, go to drjohnphillips.com.